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PW: Paravent

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Welcome to Beware Of Terror (LoL Clan)

Beware Of Terror Is a brand new clan on League Of Legends. That was created by Kungmoopanda on >5.8.13<

- We wish to catch up with other clan teams and battle our way through to the top, but we can't do that without you! Join Today!! By just clicking *Join Beware of Terror (LoL Clan)* that located below the topics next to white boxes. (If u do not wish to fill out application just click *New User* but without filling one out , your not a member of B.O.T.

- It will be great!! if you could look through rules (Click Here) and look at our clan ranks (located on the front page on the left side) and clan roster if u wish (Click Here)         
- Any Age is Allowed In but maturity comes 1st!!
- Must download Ventrilo (To be in the clan) *How/Why Click*
- Must Follow the (Click Here rules!) At all times
- Respect Non-clan members the way you respect clan members + leaders (Unless they started it, go nuts)

Why should you join B.O.T?
- Newbie will get same respect as higher members.
- Newbies members will become really good within a week with Kungmoopanda support + Leaders.
- You will be able to challage other clans/Rated teams (Once u hit lvl30)
- Plenty other reasons but only way to found out is to

Join Us Today!

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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